Buyer's Guide

Follow each step and select an option from the drop down menus on the Custom pendant pages to create your custom piece!


Step 1Upload a sound file of the word or phrase you wish to be made into a pendant OR enter a word or short phrase in the text box for our Waveform Pendants team to generate for you! You can use your phone to record a message.



 Step 2: Choose a material!



Precious Metals: Precious metals give a beautiful shine to any pendant. We offer Raw silver, Rose Gold plated, 18k Gold plated, 14k Gold plated, and Rhodium plated options. We recommend this material for gifts and keepsakes.

Step 3Rotation


: This option presents the pendant in a 360 degree or “full circle” shape that shows the soundwaves unique design from every angle. This option can be used for necklaces, earrings, bracelet charms, keychains, decor or ornaments.

Half Round: This option presents the pendant in a 180 degree or “half circle” shape that is flat on one side, showing the soundwave shape on the other. This option can be used for necklaces, décor, ornaments and is recommended for bracelets and paperweights.


Step 4: Choose an attachment point!



Top: This option gives you a single hole at the top of the pendant (or right side). This option is necessary if you are looking for a bracelet charm, necklace, or ornament.

Top and Bottom: This option give you two holes at either end of the pendant and can be used for bracelets or necklaces. This option will display the pendant horizontally when worn.

Through: This option provides a hole through the center of the pendant horizontally. This is another option for bracelets or necklaces and will also present the pendant horizontally when worn. This option cannot be used if the rotation is Half Round!


Step 5: Choose a size! Sizes vary from Extra Small to Large

Extra Small: Measures at ½ an inch and is best for bracelet charms

Small: Measures at 1 inch and is best used for bracelets

Small (Pair of Earrings): Measures at 1 inch and is used to make a pair of earing size pendants

Medium: Measures at 2 inches and is best used for necklaces, pendants, keychains and bracelets. This is the standard size for our pendants.

Large: Measures at 3 ½ inches and is best used for keychains, ornaments and small paper weights.

Extra Large: Measures at 5 inches and is best used for extra-large paperweights and home or office décor


Step 6: Choose your Findings

This is a list of attachments that can be added to make your pendant ready to use or wear. This includes earring facets, chain and bails for necklaces and keychain rings that the Waveform team will attach for you at no extra charge!


Example Combinations




If you have any additional requirements, comments, or would not like Waveform Pendants to share your pendant on Social Media, please let us know in the comment section before checkout or contact the Waveform Pendants team.