About Us


We are a company that creates unique waveform pendants from the sounds of life.

Sound waves are the visual representation of voices, sounds, and music and just like anyone’s voice they are all unique. In the absence of sound we depend on our other senses such as touch and sight. Experiencing the beauty of sound through other senses can be powerful and so the creation of Waveform Pendants was formed, a company that brings to life the beauty of sound in a new way. We have a selection of standard pendants, created by our proprietary process from sound recordings of meaningful words such as “Love”, “Hope”, “Recovery”, and “Strength”. These are available in a selection of vibrant colored plastics as well as elegant polished or matte colored Steel, 18k and 14k Gold, Rose Gold, Rhodium, and Silver.

For even more personalization, our customers can send us their own short sound recording or type in their desired word or phrase to create a personal and unique piece of jewelry. Recordings such as, “I love you” to give to your loved ones or a child’s first words, a pets call, or even a favorite quote can be made into a keepsake pendant. Multiple recordings can also be joined together for a gift from everyone! Sizes range from extra small for bracelet charms up to extra-large for desk ornaments. All custom orders are available in plastic, steel, or precious metals. The possibilities are endless and these gifts are as unique as the sounds you hear.

Our artwork division, SoundwaveSculptures.com, also uses a similar process to make large, desk or wall-mounted installations. Contact us for more information.